A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Everybody is gone crazy..

..the guards are killing innocent civilians..

..the citizens are turning against one another..

..I have to get out before something bad happens..

-A game by Ben Guiden.

-Design Process

Install instructions

1. Download and save the .zip file.

2. Open and extract the .zip file to anywhere on your computer.

3. Open the extracted folder and start Hawkmarsh.exe (if on Windows) or Hawkmarsh.app (if on Mac).

4. Enjoy!


Hawkmarsh_Win.zip 23 MB
Hawkmarsh_Mac.zip 26 MB


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I very interesting game. I do feel that the fact that your options are finished once time is frozen could be conveyed more clearly. That being said being said I'm not sure sure how you could get this across.

There were two things that made me feel there was more I could do and these are what had me wandering around for ten minutes. The first is the area of the castle that looked like I could somehow get in there. The second was the ''to enter god'' sign. I thought this meant I somehow had to get to the meteor.

I do like the idea of being stuck in time at the end. It just feels a bit weird to not get an actual ending and have to hit to the Windows key to stop the game.

I did like how powerless the game made me feel. There was a very oppressive atmosphere that made me a bit uncomfortable. I really was desperate to find my way out of there.

I did like the game overall so thanks for making it.

Deleted post

Yeah I commented on your video! :D Thanks for the feedback! :)